Catherine Bohlman CLPF, NCG

Professional Fiduciary - License # PF 811

E-mail: -  Phone: 619 808-5333

P.O. Box 7272, San Diego, California 92167

At Seaside Fiduciary Services we provide a full range of fiduciary services tailored to the needs of our clients. Trust and Estate Administration, Conservatorship Services, Assistance to Surviving Spouses, and Consulting Services.

A Professional Fiduciary is an individual who is impartial and accepts responsibility for looking after the needs and affairs of another person.  The Professional Fiduciary is insured and bonded and acts solely for the benefit of that person.  Clients can include those seeking assistance with handling their needs and business for a variety of personal reasons.  In addition a Professional Fiduciary can provide other services including aid to a surviving spouse, assistance to those who are ill, handicapped, or incapacitated.


Trust & Estate Administration

Working with experienced financial planners, lawyers, CPA’s, realtors and any other professionals needed, the professionals at Seaside Fiduciary Services are able to meet your needs in trust and estate administration. We work in a timely manner to meet the deadlines required.  We will coordinate all the below requirements for your trust:

*Marshal and manage assets

*Oversee investments analyzing risk versus return

*Secure, value and manage personal and real property

*Manage businesses held in trust

*Distribute income and principal according to the plan outlined in the Trust

*Prepare inventories and accountings

*Prepare financial reports

*Oversee the tax aspects of investments and distributions,

   and ensure proper filing of necessary tax forms

*Maintain detailed financial records regarding the trust assets,

   handle daily financial matters for beneficiaries, and pay

   the grantor's bills and expenses

*Beneficiary management

*Any other services outlined in trust



Seaside Fiduciary Services can do Conservatorship of Person or Conservatorship of Estate or both.  The court appoints a conservator when it has become clear that the conservatee is unable to handle his or her own personal/financial affairs and are unable to make an informed decision or because they may be a harm to themselves or others. When appointed we are able to step in and manage the finances, and meet the needs of the conservatee.


 Assistance for Surviving Spouse

After the death of a spouse there are many important deadlines and detailed tasks to take care of.  Seaside Fiduciary Services can help the surviving spouse with these tasks such as:

*Inventory assets & liabilities

*Create a budget, after income is determined                                                                                        

*Apply for annuity benefits, social security benefits, Veteran’s benefits, pension, life insurance policies

*Help spouse manage: Notification of death of spouse to the various agencies,  Healthcare, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Online Payments, Investments, tax deadlines,

* Help spouse set up advisory team, to include but not be limited to:

 -Banker, Tax Accountant, Investment Adviser, Financial Planner, Attorney, Healthcare Professionals


Seaside Fiduciary Services can meet your needs if you want to hire a Professional Fiduciary to administer a Special Needs Trust, or someone with a mental and/or physical impairment who needs care and who:

*Doesn't want to burden family and friends, doesn't have family or friends who can assist, or wants to avoid conflict among family members.

*We are able to help you navigate and follow the SSI, Medi-Cal, and Section 8 Rules governing Special Needs Trusts.